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Sizzling Hot Wings in Phoenix, Arizona

Experience the mouth-watering sensation of savory hot wings from Long Wong's Hot Wings in Phoenix, Arizona. Made fresh to order, our wings are made especially for you each and every time you order them. Only using the best ingredients possible ensures that you are receiving superior foods with outstanding flavor.

Hot Wings

Hot Wings

When chicken wings hit the deep fryer, something magical happens. What was once a flabby, borderline useless part of the chicken that was most commonly used for stock suddenly becomes a crispy, juicy snack that’s perfectly good just drench a combination of hot sauce and butter, and they become one of the most delicious foods known to man and the perfect companion to a football game and a cold beer. With football season in full swing, we at Long Wongs 43rd the best hot wings Arizona has to offer.

From saucy to crunchy, our wings receive complements almost every day. We soak our wings in sauce thoroughly to guarantee that all the flavors are saturated through the wing. This makes for a juicier and more flavorful product.

Our wings come in the following options:

• Hot
• Mild

• Barbecue
• Honey Barbecue

• Medium
• Suicide

Eat food that tastes like it was made in a home kitchen. The original owners were from Buffalo, New York, and brought this famous recipe to the people of Phoenix. We love to feed you, so a lot of love goes into everything we create.

If you love boneless hot wings, then you will love these OUR NEW item! They are so good! They come with all your favorite variety of our signatures sauces.

Come and try our new Hot Chicken Tenders!

Side Items

Don’t let your wings get lonely. We have a variety of side items available to accompany your hot wings. Our produce is hand-cut and our ranch dressing is made from scratch in our kitchen. Fresh buttermilk is what makes this recipe the best in the area. Like the rest of our customers, you may also want to take our dressing home for your own salads and meals. It is that good.

Wrap your lips around a perfectly seasoned curly fry. Made fresh daily, our fries come in a healthy portion in one of our oversized baskets.

All of the meat and cheese we use for burgers and sandwiches is fresh and never processed. We only give you what we would give our family, and that means only top-quality ingredients.


Jump on the bus and get ready to have an unforgettable meal. Conveniently located near a bus stop, we are the last store in our plaza and have plenty of free parking. We also just celebrated our 25th anniversary at this location.

Contact us in Phoenix, Arizona, to find out more about our delectable hot wings.