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Enticing Lunch Foods in Phoenix, Arizona

Make the best of your workday with the tasty lunch foods available at Long Wong's Hot Wings in Phoenix, Arizona. When you eat with us, your days are sure to go by a lot faster. We look forward to seeing you soon and making you part of our family.


Take a trip down memory lane. Our menu has been the same since we opened. Peruse our menu and begin to create family memories of your own.


Bring your friends and share meals together. Able to seat 25 people, our restaurant has two flat screen televisions and is perfect for watching the football game. With our soft lighting, we provide a relaxing environment to watch all of your favorite sports.

Menu - Lunch Foods
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Lunch Special

Get a lot of food for minimum cost. For the unbelievable price of $11.99, you get a half dozen of wings 2 pizza slices or with your choice of burger, and a 16-ounce soft drink. Whenever the restaurant is open, you may treat yourself to the 50-wing special for only $34.99. Our lunch service is geared toward business workers in the area, so we know how to get you fed on the go.

Eat your fill of our amazing food. For pricing on larger orders of wings, contact us to ask about pricing.


Old Fashioned Onion Rings!
The Classic Turkey Club Sandwich, W/LOTS AND LOTS OF SMOKED BACON!

You can tell a lot about a restaurant by its chicken club sandwiches.
Because it offers a lot of opportunity for the
restaurant to cut corners and maximize revenue.
We make the perfect club.
Proper chicken breast taken off a real chicken marinade grilled and sliced.
Crispy bacon. Thick fresh toasted bread. Yum
The view is good and the prices reasonable.
U Will Love it.


Fresh seasonal produce offers plenty of reasons to try one of our deliciously satisfying salads.

A Traditional Chef's Salad filled with crisp greens, vegetables, meat, and cheese.
Also Grilled Chicken salad and Dinner salad.


Vegan Potato Skins Loaded Potato Skins

You will love, love, love our potatoes skins appetizer... BIG, It could be an entry but you have to keep everyone at the table for sharing with you! Idaho’s fresh made every morning, we bake the potatoes for 90 minutes. We carve the inside of the potato after cutting them in half’s then fried it. Next step... were the magic happens. We stuff the potatoes with real AMERICA Cheered Cheese thy all melt back in the oven for 5 minutes...the next step after the oven It is the most important part; stuff each half with smoked bacon , bacon and more bacon. And back to the oven to malted together, we plated and add on the side our fames home buttermilk ranch... screw the sour cream - My devoted customers I present to you LONG WON’s HOT WINGS infamous POTOTAE SKINS!

Contact us in Phoenix, Arizona, to learn more about our gratifying lunch foods.